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Grateful Dead Live at Oregon State University on 1970-01-17

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Grateful Dead Live at Oregon State University on 1970-01-17

Topics Live concert

Dire Wolf, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Hard To Handle, Cumberland Blues, Me & My Uncle, Black Peter, Good Lovin'-> Drums-> Good Lovin', Mason's Children-> High Time, Dark Star-> Saint Stephen-> The Eleven-> Turn On Your Love Light

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Oregon State University
Location Corvallis, OR

Source Soundboard
Lineage SBD > MR > D > CD > EAC > SHN
Taped by
Transferred by JCotsman


--Dire Wolf may/may not have been the opener. For that era, it was rarely used as an opener
--Dire Wolf cuts in after several verses
--the first minute of China Cat is missing
--an electrical buzz can first be heard during Mason's. It is less frequent after High Time, but can be heard in places for the rest of the set
--reel flip at 4:40 in High Time
--very brief Feelin' Groovy Jam at 12:55 in Dark Star
--a significant portion of Lovelight is missing
--Sound Forge was used for normalization and pitch correction. The pitch was flat by nearly a semitone on all circulating copies that I have sampled.


Reviewer: Mind Wondrin - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 26, 2016
Subject: Church organ borrowed

A jaunt down to Corvallis campus, in between two Gresham shows @ Springer Ballroom. You can't really hear TC - nor the audience stomping, given that shoes-off was the condition of gym usage. Has just a brief set break.

First Set. There's probably a missing song before Dire Wolf. Rider is already so different than '69 (those delicious versions from the 80s took hundreds of repetitions!). The set takes off here, followed by a good Hard to Handle. Cumberland isn't bad but it's no 5/2 (and an odd pick for a bonus track on Workingman's - which focused on 1/70, for no apparent reason). Me & My Uncle is brilliant - as most were in early 70. Garcia is so good, and since you can't hear TC you can assume that's Pig on the church organ. Jer pretty much leaves it all onstage for Black Peter - but it's not the best from Winter '70.

Second Set. Mason's Children is not as struggled as on the 10th but it's no 1/2/70. High Time is good, like most were in '70, but the peak of the show is the Dark Star. It's only the 2nd one of the month, and they played only 3 in 12 shows, making this the start of much lesser frequency than in '69, as more songs were developed (it was played 65 times in '69, 21 in '70, 12 in '71). This is one of the most out-there of the winter '70 Dark Stars (but 1/2/70 is best; or at least sounds best). The rest is less adventurous but check Lovelight for "Mama Ghee's Clam Chowder".

1st Set:  C+
2nd Set: C
Overall = 2½ Stars

Me & My Uncle - a church organ was lugged over for Pigpen's apparently missing/broken unit, adding unusual tone
Dark Star - one of 70's best

SOURCES: The clugston source runs way too slow (half-tone) so go with the cotsman. Cumberland Blues is on newer copies of Workingman's Dead.
Reviewer: c-freedom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 18, 2016
Subject: In formless reflections of matter
I was going TDIH for this date
so I listened to 1968, 1969 and this 1970.
For me by 70 the Dead have mastered how to perform a well rounded set.
Their ability to mix in just the right amount of mellowness within their all out jam tunes will be the formula they will bank all the way to 1995.

The sweetness of the material from
American Beauty and Working Man's
also was just begging for some acoustic Dead.
Which they do pretty regularly in 1970.

As for this show it has that perfect blend of jam and ballads.
Best example of this is Mason's>High Time
It does not hurt to have it wrap up with
Dark Star>St.Stephen>The Eleven> Lovelight

Now that I have read Light into Ashes post on the "Feeling Groovy' jam I keep hearing it!
Reviewer: clementinescaboose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2015
Subject: Excellent Dark Star
A nice, straightforward version here. No surprises, just very smooth and satisfying. Return to the theme is well done and very intensely played.
Reviewer: tanman82 - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 10, 2015
Subject: tc on keys
tc left at the end of the month after the bust in norleans
Reviewer: njpg - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 14, 2015
Subject: 4
Reviewer: klaussmith - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 10, 2013
Subject: Ore-gone
In anticipation of Dave’s Picks Vol. 6 from the Fox a few weeks after this show was played, I thought I would give the January Oregon and Hawaii shows a listen. This show really has some amazing moment, you can’t go wrong with the classic Live Dead sequence and this is now my new favorite “The Eleven”, just a little more controlled, in a laid back, non-frenzied pace. Maybe it was all the bare and stocking feet sticking up in the air. I beg to differ with oydave, I like “Mason’s Children” a lot, and it is far, far from sucking, fast forward, skip ahead if you must oydave, but your statement is off base. Maybe some more versions will turn up in the “Lost and Found” tapes to change your mind, me I’ll listen to the 17 known versions and hope for more. Hopefully the Hawaii shows are as good as the three from Oregon.
Reviewer: oydave - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 8, 2012
Subject: Why DID they stop playing that song?
First of all, solid show with GREAT Dark Star and Good Lovin.' Funny bit not having your shoes on, on the gym floor.

Why did they stop playing Mason's Children? Because it SUCKS! Sorry. Not quite the Wave To The Wind of it's day because it at least has a lot of group dynamic. but what a clunker. Every band has these tunes. The tragedy is when a great band drops a great tune. Bands do that, too.
Reviewer: Almighty Toad - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 9, 2011
Subject: Two favorites
I love this recording. It contains both my favorite Mason's Children, and Darkstar->St. Stephen. The quality's decent enough, and the energy is top-notch. Anybody know why/when exactly these guys stopped playing Mason's?
Reviewer: rschwz28 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 23, 2010
Subject: killer Dark Star
Call me old school (call me Old & In The Way), but I've always believed in Dark Star/St Stephen/Eleven/Lovelight. And I can't remember ever enjoying a Dark Star as much as this one.

Sadness - Lovelight just cut off prematurely. So I start again at Dark Star.

I believe Jerry's playing his SG. But what about TC? Was he gone by now?
Reviewer: Mr Charlie TMS - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 18, 2010
Subject: St Stephen, Dark Star
Wow. for some reason im drawn to the st stephen. Dark star is a mind explosion. wow... such a grate concert
Reviewer: ono ewe - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 18, 2010
Subject: okay, okay. i get it now.
never really understood, until i stumbled upon this show, what the big deal was about dark star. or why it was such a shame that they stopped playing st stephen. and the eleven. other performances of these tunes always seemed muddled and mediocre. but this show...

jamming = snowflake porkpie rimshot daisychain.

mind = blown.

i understand now.

man, i love this archive. only a few thousand more shows to go until i've heard them all.
Reviewer: Young Blood - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 17, 2007
Subject: Yo, what a dark star???
Why isn't this in everybody's top 10 dark stars. This is absolutely great. Maybe they were jonesin because they didn't play dark star the night before. In fact, they hadn't played dark star since January 4. Anyway, this is a top ten dark star to date.
Reviewer: Liamfinnegan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 21, 2005
Subject: Good China-Rider
There is something I really like about this version, and I have listened to a few that they did earlier in this year. This is the best so far. It is just a tasty nugget.
Reviewer: ChuckC - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2005
Subject: Black Peter
So sweet with Pig on keys. I can't get enough of that old sound.
Dark Star takes you places you have never been before.
Reviewer: sidgonles - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 17, 2005
Subject: Lost
Not sure how they ended up at Oregon Straight; Kesey's hometown about 30 miles south. The sound quality probably better than the audience heard - that room is a natural bass amp. Jerry's guitar nicely out front. Second set solid if not exceptional - worth a listen.
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